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‘gram: Wrenching from Humble Beginnings

Happy (stoked) to be the lucky winner. Gen feelin’ so blessed right now. Mahalo! @abbeybiketools

Here’s my sentiment… “I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I should be the proud recipient of the Abbey Bike Tool Set.

Here’s the story of my humble beginnings in the bike industry. I began wrenching in 2012 working as a technician for the largest, most successful bike shops in the Hawaiian Islands, earning a menial bike mechanic’s wage. I rose to become the lead mechanic and service manager, wrenching bikes ranging from high-end mountain & triathlon bikes to well-used models of every type. I faithfully served the company for 7 years, with the goal to eventually have my own business. In 2017, I was one the recipients of the QBP Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship. A life changing experience that inspired me to start my own business “Aloha Cyclery”. My vision is to provide a service business that will benefit and unite the entire cycling community.

Being the only woman-owned bike shop/mechanic on the Island of Oahu, Abbey Tools will enhance my opportunities by providing quality, precision built tools to facilitate repairs and bike builds. I believe a mechanics work is directly reflected in the pride one takes in their tools and working environment. Abbey Tools is the embodiment of that pride, who’s products are more akin to artwork than tools.

A working bicycle is, undoubtably, the most important part of cycling. I endeavor to help people attain this with their bicycles. I am passionate about everything that I do whether riding my bike, wrenching, or photography. My work is a reflection of my beliefs, dedication and values.

Having just started my business, Aloha Cyclery, this opportunity will definitely help my business flourish. I will not only be the envy of all the other mechanics but will possess something that will be as unique as my business. I believe in saying, take care of your tools and they will take care of you.”